Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Color Blind

OK for those of you that know me know i'm red-green color blind. So i'm the bud of a few jokes now and then and some love to show me the color blind test to try and see words "They are all lies I tell you nothing is really there!" hahaha like those old pictures you look at for 10 hours just to see a schooner. "You dumb bastard its a sailboat not a schooner.... a schooner is a sailboat stupid head. " ............. sorry old movie quote, points to anyone that can call it...... ok where was I... oh yeah so I was thinking about how sad it would be if a Chameleon was color blind. Now I know that they change color more for mood, light, temperature and other factors not just to blend into there environment but in my world this is what I would do if i was a Chameleon. :D The bottom one would be one of my friends just saying FAIL! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If your wondering how I can color things if i'm color blind....... All the programs I use have a color wheel and I know that well. Of course I often wonder what other people think because I know they see different colors then I do in my art. hahahaha :)

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Dave Weesner said...

Lol, love it dude.