Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Cards 2011

Ok all but one should have gotten there cards by now "just got one back in the mail today so will resend it tomorrow" hope you enjoy. Hope everyone had great holidays and I hope this year is a good one for all.
P.S. I have a few more posts in the works like 6 or so but have been a little busy so have not been able to finish them but will be up soon so be on the look out. :D


Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder if you were designing a card this past Christmas. I like the flailing Santa.

BEER said...

Yours was the one I got back in the mail. :( The address got all messed up in the mailbox. Boo for rain. Hahaha You know I would never forget to give you one. I was hoping you got it before you saw it on my post but oh well.

Gabra said...

Where's mah post sucka? :-)